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Buying or Selling a Bike?

Buying or Selling a Bike? We have a free Bikemart area for folk to sell bikes at the South of England Classic Show & BikeJumble 30 July 2023. It’s for complete machines, and there is just room for the motorcycle, no trailers or vans or spares can be parked next to your bike. If you bring the bike by van / trailer these can be parked in general carpark after unloading.

It’s free to sell your bike, all transactions are between the buyer & seller. Just pay your entrance fee, Earlybird entry from 8:00am is £10, and let them know on the gate you want to enter your bike to the bikemart.

At Ardingly on Sunday 30/7/23 the Bikemart will be outside the Queens Jubilee Hall – lookout for the BikeMart banner.

Most people put a ‘For Sale’ sign on the bike with their mobile phone number on, and a lot of bikes do get sold if not on the day then subsequently. The benefit of the BikeMart is you don’t have to deal with timewasters missing appointments or dodgy people coming round to the house to view the bike.

Note Bikemart is intended for private sellers, and all transactions are between the buyer and seller.

If you have spares or the machine is incomplete then you can book a private garage-clearout stall for £20, which admits two people - click here for more details

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